Medical Tourism

Hair Transplant

The procedure is carried out with the best equipment and techniques. and at the finest and oldest Turkish hospitals with the modern the technology of Perkutan. Channels are opened to instill hair follicles to get a natural and decent appearance and high hair density at the end.

Reconstructive and Plastic surgery

Rhinoplasty - Cosmetic surgery of the chest (Minimize - enlarge - tightening) Liposuction - Injection of fat- lip augmentation

Oral and dental medicine

Teeth whitening / Hollywood smile / dental implants / gum treatment / jaw surgery / decay / orthodontics.

Dermatology, medical and cosmetic preparations

Treatment of freckles, skin pigmentation and patches / Wrinkle treatment / Laser tattoo removal / Laser hair removal

زراعه الشعر : تتم العمليه بأفضل الأجهزه والتقنيات وبأرقى وأكبر المشافيب التركيه العريقه وتكون بتقنية البركوتان ويتم زراعه بوصيلات وفتح قنوات لزراعة البصيلات لتحصل معنا على مظر طبيعي ولائق وكثتفة شعر عالية

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Hair transplantation


Eyebrow implants


chin implant operations


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